About Us

While we are fortunate to live in an amazing school district with many activities and opportunities for our children, there is a limit to what tax dollars can provide.

We work to enrich the experiences of Hartwood Elementary School children through many activities and programs. The PTO funds these activities and programs through membership fees and fundraising.

These are just some of the activities that our HPTO dollars pay for:
– Fall Festival, Field Day, Family Fun Night, Book Fairs
– Magnificent Mondays, Running Club
– Transportation for 2 field trips a year per child
– Teacher and staff appreciation luncheon
– Fifth Grade Graduation dinner
– Playground equipment, recess supplies, toys and games

As a member of the HPTO, you may attend meetings, vote on issues pertaining to HPTO activities, chair committees or volunteer with a committee.

The list of active committees and available spots can be found here. We’d love for you to sign up to join us!

With a $10 minimum membership fee, HPTO members receive access to an electronic Hartwood Elementary Director, which contains the contact information for students, teachers and school staff.
*HPTO members agree to receive electronic communications from the HPTO*

The $10.00 minimum fee is an annual membership! To join, please send a check payable to the HPTO, in the minimum amount of $10.00, in a envelope marked HPTO Membership with your child to school!

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