Traveling Art Gallery (TAG)

artTraveling Art Gallery (TAG)

Hartwood PTO is happy to announce the return of the Traveling Art Gallery (TAG) to Hartwood classrooms! This is a fun volunteering opportunity in the classroom. Clearances are required but no prior art experience necessary!

What is TAG?

TAG (Traveling Art Gallery) is a program to help our students learn about various artists and their styles through short presentations and hands-on activities. We need parent volunteers to give the presentations, which will be provided through slides projected on the classroom smart boards. Each presentation features one artist per grade, with consideration given to diversity (gender, race, genre, media, geography, etc.).

When is TAG?

TAG runs four times in the school year. This year, TAG runs for a month to give teachers and volunteers flexibility in scheduling the program (October, December, February and April).

What artists are featured in TAG?

Artists vary for each session and grade – see this page for the artists featured this school year.

What is involved?

Parents who sign up for TAG will need to schedule with the classroom teacher to come in for approximately 30 minutes, run the presentation through a laptop that is projected on the smartboard, and generate a very basic discussion with the children. Discussions would include observation and description of the piece (colors, textures, materials), interpretation of the piece (thoughts/emotions of the artist and student) and evaluation (judgment). The students would then be engaged in a hands-on exercise. The slides are available from the HPTO website and the materials and plan for the hands-on activity can be picked up at the Hartwood office on the day of your presentation.

It’s important to know that no experience is necessary, and you don’t need to be an art history major to volunteer! The presentations are very simple, and the activities are easy and fun. 

How do I sign-up?

If you would like to volunteer, please sign up using the following link and contact your class teacher to schedule a convenient time (approximately 20-30 minutes). Please do update the sign-up form the date and time that you have scheduled with the teacher and your name. Hartwood Elementary needs to know who is coming, and at what time, to do the TAG presentation.

December TAG Flyer

December TAG Sign-up

Questions? TAG Chair: Amanda Loludice (amandalhutch-at-yahoo-dot-com)