Kindergarten Corner

kindergartenbigKindergarten Fact Sheet

The kindergarten program provides the entering student with an active learning environment for both cognitive and social development. Learning take place through exploration and interaction with their environment in a naturalistic fashion. The kindergarten classroom has learning activities that are not always present at the elementary grade levels. Here are some facts about these activities.

Snack is one of Kindergarten’s authentic, living moments !
•Please send $50.00 cash to cover the snack cost for the year. No checks please, as Hartwood Elementary does not have the ability to process checks.
•The classroom teacher collects the snack money. Snack money is due by the end of September. This makes the bookkeeping issue more efficient. Thanks !
•Personal preferences and diets are respected. The school nurse informs us of any allergies.
•Giant Eagle at Waterworks generously supplies the cups and napkins used at snack time.

We never miss a celebration ! Birthdays are no exception. What a great
way to observe growth and change.
•Please have your child bring 3 to 5 pictures of him/herself showing their growth and change from birth to the present.
•Cut a ribbon, string or piece of yarn representing your child’s length at birth.
•There will be no birthday treats this year. The district is making an effort to encourage healthy eating habits.
•Summer birthday ? …pick a day during the school year to celebrate. Keep the classroom informed of the date.

Hard workers do need a break, so in the afternoon “K” takes a rest.
•This is a quiet time for a book or cuddly stuffed friend.
•Blankets, small pillows and “cuddlies” may be brought to school for Rest time use.
•Please be sure all Rest time items can be stored in your child’s cubby. Thanks !

We are a team working together for your child’s benefit.
Communication is a must! Email is available for all parents as well as Voicemail.  Children will also have Communication Logs.

Communication Logs

  • You will receive a Home-School Communication Log by the end of the first week of school.
  • This log provides a way to communicate and share the joys and bumps of our days together.
  • With your child being the messenger, the carrier of the log, he/she is aware of our teamwork.
  • Your child must be responsible in alerting you to a message from school or in alerting the teacher to a message from home.  This will be a work in progress.

•This is a district website that contains school and classroom information.
•Please make sure you activate your account using your activation code. Assistance is available if you need help with
the process.

Kindergarten Teachers
• Mr. Mike Kelly
• Ms. Marci Macura
• Mrs. Barbara Scully
• Mrs. Audrey Vandenbord  

Kindergarten is a working environment. Your child must be prepared for the environment.
•Dress for the weather. Our outside space is an integral part of our curriculum. Your child needs to be prepared for the sun, wind and snow.
•Make sure your child can run and jump, move freely, with their shoes.
•Encourage your child to protect their clothes as they work with the many tools of “K”. ? Any questions, please be sure to be in touch.